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You are a member and need help identifying a bird, write to Alain Deschamps

1. First, read the protocol on the UQROP website.

2. Contact a wildlife protection officer(mandatory reporting) at 1-877-346-6763 (press 9 for service in English) or S.O.S. braconnage at 1-800-463-2191 (after hours).

3. If necessary, you can contact the Bird of Prey Clinic at 450 773-8521 ext. 8427 (at 450 778-8111 outside office hours) or, if you know him/her, the volunteer in your area responsible for transporting wounded birds of prey to the Saint-Hyacinthe veterinary hospital (CHUV). Volunteers for Cowansville and surrounding areas are Jean-Jacques Lombard at 450-263-2216 and Suzanne Pellerin at 514-714-2216. 

What to do if you find an injured bird (except birds of prey and pigeons)? 1. First, make sure the bird needs to be rescued by reading the I Found an Injured Bird factsheet. 2. The Refuge Lobadanaki in St-Étienne de Bolton (819 674-1606) is the most accessible animal shelter in our region, but it rehabilitates only certain birds. 3. Contact Le Nichoir at 450-458-2809 which specializes in bird rehabilitation. They will give you the procedure to follow.

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