Communication, Privacy Policy and Copyright

Communications Policy

The Club des ornithologues de Brome-Missisquoi Inc. communicates with its members using a contact list called Membres du COBM (made up of e-mail addresses provided by the Club members). The person in charge of communications and the other members of the Board contact their members in order to issue communiqués, distribute the journal LInfo-Oiseaux and other relevant documents or messages in accordance with the mission of the Club. This communication channel is not to be used for personal purposes. The members of COBM can communicate with the members of the Board by consulting the page Our team.

Confidentiality of Contact information

The personal data provided by members is used for information purposes, registration with COBM and communication between the Board and its members. It will be disclosed to Board members only. You may at any time modify your information or ask us to modify or delete it.

No contact information or other personal data will be shared with a third party unless authorized by the member. At no time will member information be used for marketing or similar purposes.

When a Board member sends email messages to the entire COBM community, that contact group is put in BBC (blind copy) in order to maintain members anonymity.

Members who do not wish to be identified in a photo published in COBM publications are asked to inform the Privacy Offer.

Privacy Officer: Lysane Côté.

Facebook Posts

COBM’s Facebook page, although primarily intended for its members, is open to the public. Messages received on this page are subject to approval by an administrator who can delete inappropriate or irrelevant messages. 

Unwanted messages

Data entered in the contact form as well as browsing data such as IP address (number assigned to your computer, tablet, phone, etc. by the Internet provider) and user agent of the originating browser could be collected to allow relevant authorities to identify the origin of inappropriate or hateful messages or any dishonest or unwanted operation.

Cookie Policy

Internet browsers are generally set to accept cookies (browser cookies). Some information (name, email, etc.) is saved to allow automatic filling for your next visits. You may review your browser settings to refuse, accept or remove cookies from the site.


Hyperlink Policy

There is no collection of personal information while browsing our site. However, COBM is not responsible for any data that may be collected by external sites made available to you on our website. If you follow hyperlinks hosted by our website, they normally have their own privacy policy.

COBM respects copyrights

Board members and members of Club des ornithologues de Brome Missisquoi  undertake to publish in their journal L’Info-Oiseaux, on their website, on their Facebook page or for the Photo Contest, photos and videos of which they are the authors or for which they have obtained the author’s permission. They may also share photos and videos that are free of rights or for which they have acquired the rights.

Intellectual property of our photographers and videographers

Photos and videos published by our members on, on our Facebook page or in l’Info-Oiseaux, are the intellectual property of their authors and are subject to legal  rights. Photos and videos are subject to the same copyrights as the texts since the amendment of the Canadian Copyright Act in 2012 and their reproduction or public dissemination is prohibited without the author’s permission. 

Authors' Rights

All texts on this site are the property of the Club des ornithologues de Brome-Missisquoi Inc. with the exception of public service texts whose origin is identified. All original texts published in L’Info-Oiseaux are the intellectual property of their authors. It is illegal to reproduce all or part of these texts without prior written authorization, in accordance with the provisions of Canadian Copyright Act.