Christmas Bird Count 2020 (January 2021)

After the previous stormy day, the 25 participants enjoyed a beautiful winter day with comfortable temperatures of -4 to 0 degrees and 15 cm of snow on the ground. These beautiful conditions allowed to observe 48 species and 9054 birds in the circle of 25 km diameter divided into 14 different sectors.

We had record numbers of Cooper’s Hawk (5), Mourning Dove (641), Pileated Woodpecker (19), Northern Raven (90), Red-breasted Nuthatch (22) and White-breasted Nuthatch (122). The Tufted Titmouse (28), the Carolina Wren (3), the Northern Cardinal (102) and the Common Redpoll (1014) almost reached the records of previous years.

Everybody returned home, pandemic obliges, thus breaking the tradition of the end of the day meal and compilation which was well appreciated by all.

For details, click on Cowansville 2020 RON Results. For previous results of the Christmas Bird Count, click on Past Results of Cowansville RON.

Common Redpoll. Photo credit Suzanne Pellerin.

The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) was established in 1900. It is a one-day bird-count event between December 14 and January 5 inclusive. Counts are conducted throughout North America by groups of volunteers who cover established circles of 24 km in diameter. COBM members divide their territory into 10 sectors. Click here to see the map of the territory covered by COBM. 

The count is conducted throughout the Western Hemisphere and provides an important input to the databases used by wildlife conservationists to analyze the distribution of avian populations and assess broad trends. The results of the CBC are forwarded to Bird Canada.

For any information, or to participate in the next CBC, please contact