The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) was established in 1900. It is a one-day bird-count event between December 14 and January 5 inclusive. Counts are conducted throughout North America by groups of volunteers who cover established circles of 24 km in diameter. COBM members divide their territory into 10 sectors. Click here to see a map of the territory covered by COBM. 

The count is conducted throughout the Western Hemisphere and provides an important input to the databases used by wildlife conservationists to analyze the distribution of avian populations and assess broad trends. The results of the CBC are forwarded to Bird Canada.

Common Redpoll. Photo credit Suzanne Pellerin.
2019 Christmas Bird Count Results

Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the Cowansville CBC scheduled for December 14, 2019 has been postponed to January 4, 2020. Thirty-one participants braved the elements once again. Favourable conditions in the morning gave way to sometimes heavy snow in the afternoon, which slowed everyone’s enthusiasm, but according to tradition, ornithologists gathered at the end of the day for the countdown. 

Forty species (the lowest total since 1997) and 5599 individuals were observed: a record for the Bald Eagle with 10 birds, a Chipping Sparrow, a Red-shouldered Hawk, a single Rough-legged Hawk, a Northern Flicker and only 4 Wild Turkeys. Regrettably, gulls, larks, grackles, blackbirds, cowbirds, grosbeaks, redpolls and siskins were absent. For details, click here: Résultats du RON de Cowansville 2019

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