Cedar Waxwing. Photo Hélène Desrosiers. Contest 2021, 1st position.

Photo Contest

Who is the contest for?

Red-winged Blackbird female. Photo Hélène Desrosiers. 2021, special mention.
  • The photo shows us details that allow us to identify the bird.
  • It tells us something about its behavior, what it eats.
  • It informs us about its space and time context (seasonal colors, vegetation), its environment, its habitat.
  • The photo touches us.
  • It is particular, untypical, original. 
  • The bird is photogenic. 

It is open to all members of the Club des ornithologues de Brome-Missisquoi. For bird lovers. No need to be a photo pro. Just the pleasure to capture a moment… 

The photos speak to us

  • The photos teach us, move us, amuse us, delight us.
  • They are authentic and original.
  • They show us birds of our region.

What are the criteria?

Northern Shrike with its prey. Photo André Bernard. 2021, special mention.
Bohemian Waxwing. Photo Suzanne Labbé. 2021, 1st position, ex aequo.
Technical Qualities
  • The good resolution display, the framing.
  • The light, the exposure.
  • The sharpness and the precision of the details, the colors.

The bird is the star,
not the photographer

The photos selected are not necessarily the best technically. All bird enthusiasts who are members of the club are welcome to participate, regardless of their level of photographic skill and regardless of the type of camera.

Cliff Swallow. Photo Rolande Leblanc, 2021, special mention.

What are the conditions?

  • The COBM Photo Contest is open to members, excluding board members.

  • The photos are authentic and they are yours.
  • This is a wild bird from our region.
  • There is only one featured species in the photo.
Yellow Warbler. Photo Hélène Desrosiers. 2021, special mention.
Swainson's Thrush. Photo Suzanne Labbé. 2021, 2nd position.
Scarlet Tanager. Photo Suzanne Labbé. 2021, 3rd position.

How to participate?

  • Send your photos by email or any other communication vehicle (Messenger, text message, etc.) to Suzanne Pellerin (admin@cobm.ca).
  • Give your name and contact information (email, phone number).
  • Indicate the name of the bird, the date and the place where the photo was taken.
  • Maximum of 3 photos.
  • We must receive your photos before September 15, 2022.


The selection committee is composed of two members of the Board of Directors and one external member, member of the COBM. Lucille Robert is our external member for 2022.

The winning photos (1st, 2nd and 3rd choices) will be published in the l’Info-Oiseaux, on our website and on our Facebook page with the permission of the author(s).

Common Grackle. Photo André Bernard. 2021, special mention.
Common Raven Tryptique. Photos André Bernard. 2021, special mention.