Cedar Waxwing. Photo Hélène Desrosiers. 1st place in the first Photo Contest (2021).

Photo Contest

Photo Contest 2023

3. Pic maculé
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Robert Richard.
1. Buse à queue rousse
Red-tailed Hawk. Nicole Patenaude.
2. Paruline à croupion jaune
Yellow-rumped Warbler. André Bernard.

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Photo contest 2022

Photo Bertrand Hamel
Wild Turkey. Bertrand Hamel.
Colibri à gorge rubis 1
Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Hélène Desrosiers.
Râle de VirginieSP
Virginia Rail. Robert Richard.

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Photo contest 2021

Jaseur boréal Suzanne Labbé
Bohemian Waxwing. Suzanne Labbé.
(ex-aequo with the Cedar Waxwing, Hélène Desrosiers, top of the page).
Grive à dos olive Suzanne Labbé
Swainson's Thrush. Suzanne Labbé.
Piranga écarlate Suzanne Labbé
Scarlet Tanager. Suzanne Labbé.

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Juvenile American Woodcock. Tristan Jobin.
  • The photo reveals details that help us  identify the bird.
  • It tells us something about its behavior and what it eats.
  • It informs us about its space-time environment (seasonal colors, vegetation), its surroundings, its habitat.
  • The photo touches us.
  • It is particular, untypical, original. 
  • The bird is photogenic. 
Technical Qualities
  • Photo resolution and framing.
  • Light and exposure.
  • Sharpness and precision of details and colors.

Who is the contest for?

The COBM Photo Contest was initiated in 2021. There are several bird photo contests: Go Oiseaux, QuébecOiseaux... Our contest is exclusively open to our members. It is for bird lovers like you and me, who want to capture a lasting image, a detail, a movement. No need to be a pro. Just the pleasure of capturing a moment…

The photos speak to us

  • The photos teach us, move us, amuse us, delight us.
  • They are authentic and original.
  • They show us birds of our region.

What are the criteria?

Pileated Woodpecker. Jean-Guy Papineau.
Cliff Swallow. Rolande Leblanc.

The bird is the star,
not the photographer

The photos selected are not necessarily the best from a technical point of view. All bird lovers who are members of the club are welcome, regardless of their level of photographic skill or type of camera.

What are the conditions?

  • The COBM Photo Contest is open to members, excluding Board members.
  • The photos are authentic and they are yours.
  • This is a wild bird from our region.
  • There is only one featured species in the photo.

How to participate?

  • Send your photos by e-mail or any other means of communication (Messenger, text message, etc.) to Suzanne Pellerin (suzanne.pellerin@mcgill.ca).
  • Indicate the name of the bird, the date and the place where the photo was taken.
  • Maximum of 3 photos.
    • Please send your photos before September 15 of each year.

    Selection Committe

    The photos received are submitted to a jury made up of two members of the Board, Suzanne Pellerin and Chantal Boisvert, and an external member from COBM, different each year.

    Mésange bicolore. Bertrand Hamel.