& Outdoor activities

  • Outings in Brome-Missisquoi (See our Top-10 destinations) and other regions of Quebec
  • Visits to parks and woodlands, streams, ponds, marshes and reservoirs.
  • Road trips on a given birdwatching route

Conservation & Inventories

  • Installation and maintenance of Bluebird and Tree Swallow nesting boxes, Bank Swallow nesting boxes and a Purple Martin condo
  • Chimney Swift counts (nesting and dormitory chimneys)
  • Installation and winter maintenance of feeding stations
  • Collaboration with Granby Zoo’s Conservation and Research team, and with municipalities and environmental organizations
  • Christmas Bird Count
  • Grand Défi QuébecOiseaux
  • To find out more, see Our conservation initiatives and our Bird Counts: Citizen Science page

Communications, Awareness-raising & Information

  • L’Info-Oiseaux journal
  • Workshops, conferences
  • Information panels
  • Guided tours for targeted groups (schools, seniors’ groups, etc.)
  • Photo contest
  • Facebook page
  • Photo Brunch
  • Ornitho cinema