Discover the top 10 birding destinations in Brome-Missisquoi and the sites with over 100 bird species observed.

Brome-Missisquoi region is rich in birdwatching sites. Whether you are a member of COBM or a birder from other regions, an ecotourism enthusiast or just a visitor looking for sites of interest, an eBird pro or a complete beginner, you will find here a list of birding sites to visit, a short description of each site, links to eBird lists, web references as well as a list and an interactive map of 18 birding sites for over 100 species.

1. Philipsburg Migratory Bird Sanctuary

The Philipsburg Migratory Bird Sanctuary (MBS), located in the municipality of Saint-Armand on the east shore of Missisquoi Bay, provides habitat for songbirds and waterfowl that nest and cohabit there. A southern forest located on the American border on the Richelieu and Hudson migratory corridor, it is a must-see ornithological site. This 527-hectare protected area covers several private properties, but part of the refuge, the George H. Montgomery Sanctuary, belongs to BPQ (Bird Protection Quebec)  and is accessible to the public. 

2. Missisquoi Bay Nature Reserve

Located at the mouth of the Rivière aux Brochets, the Réserve écologique de la Rivière-aux-Brochets can be accessed from Philipsburg (via Camping Philipsburg) and Venise-en-Québec (via Camping Florent). With its wetlands, forests and fields bordering the bay, the territory is favorable for a multitude of waterbirds, passerines and raptors.

A unique heritage site located in Saint-Armand, on the east side of Missisquoi Bay, via Route 133, the Philipsburg wharf is a very beautiful public place that welcomes lovers of birdlife on a regular basis.

Project to create a waterfront park..

4. Bedford Nature Trails

The 2 km trail, Sentier Keith-Sornberger, formerly known as the Centre d’interprétation de la rivière aux Brochets (Pike River), is located near the city limits of Bedford. It follows the Rivière aux Brochets which flows through the middle of the city. One part of the trail crosses a meadow, while the other part goes into a mixed forest.

5. Lake Brome and Quilliams-Durrull Nature Reserve

Known for its unspoiled beauty, Lake Brome is home to many ducks in the fall and migratory passerines in the forest during springtime. From Douglass Beach, the Lak-Brome trail (11 km) runs along the shores of the lake and, just over 5 km away, passes through the Nature Reserve (access via Tiffany Beach). The trail crosses several habitats: clearings, mixed forests and wetlands. Lac-Brome offers many hiking trails.

Lake Davignon is an artificial lake located in the heart of Cowansville. The Centre de la nature offers walking paths on the southern part of the lake and is a beautiful little oasis by the lake.

The Jacques-Bonnette Nature Park is a popular site for birdwatchers. This 25-hectare sanctuary is crossed by the South-East Yamaska River. A walking trail of approximately one kilometer.

7. Bromont Science Park Nature Reserve

This nature reserve of about 2 km2, registered as a perpetual protected area, includes wetlands and is home to 160 bird species, of which about 15 are considered vulnerable or endangered. Farmland birds can be observed in the wasteland and fields between the plants as well as the area around the airport. The Marais-du-Chemin-de-Montréal is an observation site located in the Nature Reserve, Montreal Boulevard on the west side of Innovation Boulevard.

8. Frelighsburg Municipal Park

The Parc de la rivière is characterized by a variety of bird life favored by the variety of habitats, including a mowed field, wastelands, pine and fir plantations, a stream and a natural hardwood and mixed forest. The trails (4 km) run along the Rivière aux Brochets. A little more than 5 km away, Dunham has a point of recreotouristic interest, Lake Selby, located to the south of its territory, where one can enjoy beautiful hikes.

You can walk around the lake (0.8 km at its widest x 2 km at its longest), a 5.6 km route with a 400-metre woodland walk at the end (south-west) on a pine needle path.

Birds nest mainly around the lake, and residents maintain bird feeders.

9. Farnham Nature Centre

A vast urban park which is  an island of nature located in the town of Farnham. Two trails, the Circuit du lièvre (0.8 km) and the Circuit de la tortue des bois (1.7 km), offer different viewpoints along the South-East Yamaska River, notably from a lookout point. 

10. Parc des Sommets, Bromont

The Parc des Sommets offers a network of over 140 km of well-marked hiking trails.

The Domaine du Lac Gale, a protected forest of high ecological value, offers magnificent viewpoints and a panoramic view of the lake. There are about 20 km of trails rich in bird diversity.

Mount Oak, a nature trail in a mature forest, takes us through exceptional forest ecosystems.

Bromont also has its Jardin des oiseaux .

Interactive map of birding sites that have more than 100 bird species observed

(Click on the bird icon for a description of the site, a link to the site’s eBird list and a map of the location).

List of ornithological sites with more than 100 species

1. Philipsburg George Montgomery Bird Sanctuary (Refuge d’oiseaux migrateurs de Philipsburg). Location details: 45.02729, -73.07201

2. Baie-Missisquoi Nature Reserve. Location details: 45.06257, -73.08021

3. Keith-Sornberger Nature Trail (Bedford). Location details: 45.12411, -72.99625

4. Philipsburg Municipal Wharf. Location details: 45.03981, -73.07837

5. Lake Davignon. Location details: 45.20399, -72.71691

6. Lake Brome. Location details: 45.24801, -72.51234

7. Bromont Science Park Nature Reserve. Location details: 45.29911, -72.7289

8. Quilliams-Durrull Nature Reserve (Lac-Brome). Location details: 45.27027, -72.48963

9. Lake Selby. Location details: 45.09637, -72.79633

10. Marais-du-Chemin-de-Montréal. Location details: 45.31437, -72.72288

11. Jacques-Bonnette Park. Location details: 45.21444, -72.75945

12. Frelighsburg Municipal Park (Parc de la rivière). Location details: 45.04878, -72.82608

13. Farnham Nature Centre. Location details: 45.28278, -72.95915

14. Cowansville Nature Centre. Location details: 45.20331, -72.72227

15. Gale Lake Nature Reserve. Location details: 45.27053, -72.68754

16. Sutton Natural Environment Park (Green Mountains). Location details: 45.09681, -72.54915

17. Mount Oak trails. Location details: 45.30186, -72.6795.

18. Sentiers Horizon. Location details: 45.217076, -72.735354