L’Info-Oiseaux is the official bulletin of the Club des Ornithologues de Brome-Missisquoi Inc.

With three issues per year, this publication includes

  • articles by COBM members
  • regional observation reports
  • conference abstracts
  • activity reports
  • seasonal bird counts
  • travel logs
Tree Swallow. Photo credit Suzanne Pellerin

L’Info-Oiseaux also offers

  • pictures of birds taken by COBM members
  • bird identification cards
  • information on the use and construction of feeders, nest boxes and dormitories
  • advice about diet, habits and habitat of birds in the area

Our bulletin provides us with a follow-up on

  • Eastern Bluebird trails
  • Occupation of the territory by the Chimney Swift
  • protection measures to be adopted for endangered or declining species