Change(s) to an activity: For many reasons, an activity can be modified or its schedule changed. Don’t forget to check the content, meeting place, date and time of an activity by consulting the Google Calendar of Activities, which is regularly updated. However, any activity can be changed, in the morning and at the meeting place, by the person in charge of the outing, should circumstances arise that make the outing impossible or impractical. If a site could not be visited or did not seem to be of interest, another site could be substituted if necessary.

Outing with COBM members. Photo credit Hélène Bergeron.

Timeliness: We ask members to arrive at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before the departure time of an excursion. As a courtesy to everyone, we count on your punctuality. Departures are made at the exact time indicated in the calendar.

Preparation: We recommend that you wear comfortable and waterproof footwear for all excursions. We also suggest that you bring a snack and enough water or any other beverage to quench your thirst. A backpack may be useful.

Important objects and documents: Do not bring valuables and always keep cash, credit cards or any important documents with you at all times.


For environmental and economic issues, COBM encourages carpooling during Club activities. This is why activities always start from a point that is easily accessible to everyone.

We also encourage cost sharing. COBM proposes a uniform formula of $0.15 per kilometre travelled to be divided among all passengers, including the driver. For example, for an outing to Baie-du-Febvre, we calculate $0.15 x 250 km (round trip) for a total of $37.50. If there are three people in the car, the two passengers give $12.50 to the driver ($37.50 / 3 = $12.50).