Communication between the Board and its members

The Club des ornithologues de Brome-Missisquoi Inc. communicates with its members using a contact list called Membres du COBM (made up of e-mail addresses provided by Club members). The person in charge of communications and the other members of the Board contact their members to communicate information, distribute L’Info-Oiseaux and other relevant documents, announce seasonal activities, invite them to vote or give their opinion, solicit their collaboration or invite them to participate in ornithological groups or forums, in short, for any communication related to the Club’s reason to be (to find out more, go to Who we are and Our mission). Any member can contact the Board members using the addresses (person in charge of communications) and (person responsible for e-bird and Club membership) or by using our Contact Us form. The contact details of members of the Board are also published in the journal L’Info-Oiseaux. COBM members can also contact them by visiting the Our Team page (simply click on a name highlighted in green).

The Board is still looking for a Discussion Forum, a tool that allows members to share freely among themselves, something punctual and user-friendly where everyone is free to join or leave as they wish.

E-mail Confidentiality

The COBM Board communicates with its members using the contact list called Membres du COBM. No third party is authorized to use this communication channel for personal use. When a Board member sends e-mail messages to the entire COBM community, this contact group is put in BCC (blind copy) in order to maintain the anonymity of the members in accordance with our Privacy Policy. No e-mail address or other contact information will be disclosed to a third party unless authorized by the individual concerned.

Facebook message filtering

COBM’s Facebook page, although primarily intended for its members, is open to the public. Messages received on this page are subject to approval by an administrator before being posted on the main page, in order to filter unwanted messages. Irrelevant comments will be removed. To learn more about our approach to Facebook, click here. To go to our Facebook page right away, click on the icon below.